Announcing the Launch of our Newly Designed Website

We are excited to announce the launch of MCG Partners newly designed! Our goal with this new designed website is create a user-friendly experience for our trusted and valued customers and business partners. The updated site includes changes to navigation, with a better user experience for both mobile and desktop versions. We’ve also improved the structure, so you’ll find more easily what you are looking for. There are many smaller but important changes [...]

Webinar-Learn from Leaders: Using Behavioral Assessment to Hire Top Performers

In case you were unable to attend the webinar, please click on the link below for a recording of Job Fit – What is it and Why is it Important? Watch Recorded Webinar Hiring top performers is a time-consuming process that can often feel like a game of chance.  Resumes are screened, interviews are scheduled, but unless you can truly understand what drives and motivates each candidate, and how they [...]

Today’s Global Leadership Challenges

Business is changing faster than ever before - at such a pace and on a global scale that many companies struggle on how to respond. A major concern for most organizations is their workforce and how they manage this pace and scale of change and the complexities that it brings. We are moving into a time where many organizations will have five generations working side-by-side. The needs, desires and motivations of these generations vary and [...]

Cheryl Jacobs to Speak at AIA HR Roundtable Conference

Cheryl Jacobs, Senior VP, Executive Coach, and Leadership Developer & Facilitator of MCG Partners will present at the American Institute for Architects (AIA) HR Roundtable conference in Boston, MA on October 6, 2016.   […]

MCG Partners is proud to sponsor the 2016 HCI Learning and Leadership Development Conference and the annual NEHRA Conference this September

MCG Partners is proud to be a sponsor of the upcoming HCI Learning and Leadership Development Conference, September 20th – 21st at the Boston Seaport World Trade Center, MA at booth #2 and the NEHRA conference, September 28th – 30th at the Sea Crest Beach Hotel on Cape Cod, MA at booth #54. We are dedicated to the development and success of the Human Resources profession and community, welcome the [...]

Re-evaluating Performance Evaluations: Four Best Practices

Many organizations cling to yearly performance reviews out of habit, lack of a better alternative, or a belief that reviews ensure the ongoing success of the business. However, a recent survey put out by Towers Watson revealed that only 37% of North American companies find their performance evaluation programs to be effective at all. Additionally, only 26% of those surveyed said that their managers and employees are satisfied with the process. [...]

Changing Change Management

Written by Michele Barnett Berg Through the power of E'³: * Educate * Engage * Empower Change is no longer an initiative or strategy, but a daily part of being “ the constant shifting of direction, priorities, expectations markets, needs, interests, and environment. Change is the new normal. Many organizations are realizing that to effectively deal with today's change and the next inevitable one, they need to be more adaptive about change. In order to do so [...]

Clear Expectations – More Critical to On-boarding Success Than You Might Think

Written by Erinne Tripp You did it!  You hired the perfect candidate for the job. From here on out all should be smooth sailing, right? Unfortunately, the answer is most likely, no. Unless you provide your new employee with appropriate on-boarding, even the most perfect candidates can struggle and ultimately end up a number in your turnover statistics. And as we all know, turnover is expensive, disruptive and painful. […]

There’s Nothing Wrong With Me. I’m Just Different.

Written by Heather Wood Kermit the Frog once said “It’s not easy being green.”  Boy is that ever the truth!  In a corporate setting it can be difficult to feel effective and impactful when you perceive yourself to have a different style than your colleagues.  You’re all in the same organization, on the same teams, in the same meetings and, share similar goals.  However, your approach to work and the level of detail you need [...]

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Using Talent Analytics to Drive Business Performance

Written by Cheryl Jacobs I recently had the opportunity to collaborate with more than 200 experts at the Predictive Index® (PI) Worldwide Conference in Scottsdale, Ariz.  The conference was a meeting of some of the world’s most forward thinking human capital analytics experts and contained many best practices on how PI’s clients are using talent analytics and insights to make better business decisions. The Predictive Index® (PI®) is a behavioral assessment that is used globally by more than 10,000 companies [...]

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