Announcing the Launch of our Newly Designed Website

We are excited to announce the launch of MCG Partners newly designed! Our goal with this new designed website is create a user-friendly experience for our trusted and valued customers and business partners. The updated site includes changes to navigation, with a better user experience for both mobile and desktop versions. We’ve also improved the structure, so you’ll find more easily what you are looking for. There are many smaller but important changes [...]

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Changing Change Management

Written by Michele Barnett Berg Through the power of E'³: * Educate * Engage * Empower Change is no longer an initiative or strategy, but a daily part of being “ the constant shifting of direction, priorities, expectations markets, needs, interests, and environment. Change is the new normal. Many organizations are realizing that to effectively deal with today's change and the next inevitable one, they need to be more adaptive about change. In order to do so [...]

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Becoming Resilient

By Carol Malysz Ever wonder why some people seem to bounce back quickly from setbacks while others seem to fall apart when the unexpected happens? The key is resilience.  Resilience is the ability to adapt well in the face of adversity, trauma, tragedy or extreme stress.  Whether a job loss, losing a client, a failure, family or relationship issue, serious health problem or financial setback, resilience allows you to rebound from these difficult experiences.  It's [...]

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Taking Control of Your Leadership Career by Answering Two Simple Questions

Written by Cheryl Jacobs There is no shortage of developmental opportunities and challenges a leader can face throughout their careers.   Difficult assignments, varying business conditions, employee performance issues, turning from a peer to a boss, are all examples of situations that can stall a leader’s career or present an opportunity to move in new and exciting directions.  Successful leaders ultimately manage the impact and direction of these situations more effectively than others. The US Census [...]

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Focus or Refocus

Occasionally we need to stop and reboot. To determine if we need to FOCUS or RE-FOCUS how we spend our time and prioritize what we should be doing. 1. Focus on important things early in the day. When we're rested, those big and multiple tasks don't feel as overwhelming as if we wait until 4:00pm. Keep your calendar open early in the morning and dedicate your energy to that one primary thing. If you have [...]

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Active Listening

Cheryl Jacobs-Senior Vice President 508.279.0400 cheryl.jacobs@mcgpartners.netActive listening is a communication technique that requires the listener to feed back what they hear to the speaker, by way of restating or paraphrasing what they have heard in their own words – to confirm what they have heard and moreover, to confirm the understanding of both parties. This focus on “understanding” is at the core of active listening and what makes active listening a valuable technique to develop [...]

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The Art of Failing

The art of failing can be as nimble as catching your balance on an unstable bike or as elegant as improvising a performance while blanking on stage. Failure is part of life but many of us are wired to approach and deal with failure and change differently. One’s ability to deal with risk and change are measurable behaviors. Some of us naturally are risk takers, shoot from the hip, and with no interest or attention to [...]

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