This month we are excited to have talked with Diane Albano, Chief Revenue & Marketing Officer at Globalizations Partners.

About Diane: Diane Albano has led high-performance sales teams for more than three decades and is recognized for her strategic expertise in managing complex sales and services organizations. She has extensive international experience establishing and growing global markets, including Europe, the Middle East and Africa, Asia Pacific, and Latin America.

As the Chief Revenue & Marketing Officer at Globalization Partners, Diane is passionate about leading and developing the company’s exponential growth, while combining fun, motivation, integrity, and inspiration.

 About Globalization Partners

Globalization Partners allows companies to hire anywhere in the world and expand into new markets without having to make costly and time-consuming investments in subsidiaries or branch offices. Globalization Partners serves as the legal employer, handling payroll, taxes, and benefits, and ensuring compliance with local employment laws and regulations, freeing up companies to manage and direct the daily work of their team member, and allowing them to move even faster into new territories so they can be more competitive internationally.

Diane discusses her path to success and how she has continued exponential growth at Globalization Partners during an unprecedented year.

Without question, the importance of

  • Inspiration and appreciation
  • Culture
  • Team diversity
  • Communication
  • A Global Mindset
  • Trust
  • The role of an organization for the “greater good”

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