The Predictive Index® (PI®)—get the right people into the right roles.

What is the Predictive Index®?

The Predictive Index® is a unique blend of assessments and management tools that provide the insight you need to drive performance, engage and develop teams, and create alignment.

How can the Predictive Index® help?

We use the Predictive Index® to help your business tackle challenges big and small through a scientifically-backed understanding of your people.

What our clients say about our PI® trainings:

“The commitment, passion & professionalism from every member of the team has been unmatched. It’s been a remarkable experience. We look forward to working with them for years to come!”

“It’s been under a year now that we started working with MCG Partners, and we have made many changes to our selection, recruitment, on-boarding, coaching, and succession processes, which have all proven to be welcome and positive changes.”

“Invaluable! We left able to competently assess the reports. The practice sessions during the training were applied learning on the spot. I feel very confident with the tools we were given.”

“Great trainers. Great environment for learning. Thanks for the wonderful tools you provided!”

“One of the best classes I have attended. The tool is amazing! The instructors did a great job supporting the attendees and helping them to understand the basics of PI. The training facilities were ideal—innovative, fun with just the right energy.”

“Extremely well qualified experts who provided clear and interesting examples of how the tools have been used with other clients. Both trainers were passionate about the PI tool and systems.”