About Chuck Mollor

Chuck Mollor is the founding and managing partner of MCG Partners, a woman-owned, management consultancy specializing in leadership development, executive coaching, talent management, organizational effectiveness, management training, and career management solutions. For over 30 years, Chuck has advised, coached and consulted international, national, and regional executives and organizations across industries, start-ups to Fortune 500s, and not-for-profits.

Coffee with Coaches

Listen as Chuck Mollor joins the Coffee with Coaches podcast to talk about his new book, The Rise of the Agile Leader: Can You Make the Shift? Chuck Mollor – How to Stay Relevant | Coffee with Coaches |  About MCG Partners MCG Partners is a leadership and talent optimization firm– aligning your business and people strategy for maximum results. MCG Partners a woman-owned consultancy and is also a Predictive Index® (PI®) certified partner. To [...]

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5 Drivers of Agile Leadership By Chuck Mollor

5 Drivers of Agile Leadership By Chuck Mollor Considering how quickly market and competitive landscapes are shifting and the world is changing, agile organizations have a distinct advantage over more  traditional organizational structures. Hierarchical, command-and-control approaches are being replaced by dynamically constructed and reconstructed networks of teams. Modern organizations operate less like an assembly plant and more like living organisms— shifting, adopting, adjusting, and evolving. “If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes [...]

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Changing Course: The Leadership Shift By Chuck Mollor

Changing Course: The Leadership Shift By Chuck Mollor It happens to all of us at some point in our career. The formula for success we had utilized to date, and the strengths we had leveraged to be successful, need to be modified as we shift to a more senior role or as an organization and its culture evolve. This shift includes: How you budget your time How you prioritize and delegate How you influence [...]

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Executive Presence: What Will Others See and Hear By Chuck Mollor

Executive Presence: What Will Others See and Hear By Chuck Mollor Executive presence is the combination of being able to confidently command a room and interact with others, whether it be with one person, a team, or a broader audience. It’s the ability to stand and confidently lead a meeting, give a presentation or speech or have a successful interaction.  Certain people can develop this presence more easily than others, but ultimately, it’s a skill [...]

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Developing Effective Teams By Chuck Mollor

Developing Effective Teams By Chuck Mollor Great teams are the building blocks of any organization. They have shared goals, clear roles, transparent processes for solving problems and making decisions, and the ability to deal with conflicts constructively. A good team may have some of these elements, but a great team will have them all. There are three key dimensions of great teamwork. The first is alignment on direction. There should be a shared belief [...]

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Do You Engage in Conflict? by Chuck Mollor

The word “conflict” often conjures images of confrontation and anger, but this is often not the case. Disagreements occur in even the most positive and productive work relationships—at least, they should. Conflict itself is neither inherently good nor bad—what is perceived as positive or negative is how the differences are managed and the outcome ensues. There is a phenomenon that we are experiencing in the workforce today, and more broadly in our culture: The [...]

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The Rebirth of the Growth Mindset

We have faced unprecedented change and loss of control over the last few months. People have lost jobs. Parents and caregivers have become homeschoolers. We’ve left our offices and colleagues to work remotely, and we’ve had a realization of how the workplace can shift and how companies can pivot quickly to meet demands.  Our everyday norms are gone and it doesn’t seem realistic that they will return to what we knew before. How do [...]

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Why the Authoritarian Leadership Style Won’t Survive 2020

The ‘command-and-control’ leadership style needs to die -- but do we always recognize what it looks like? As we plunge into the new now, the post-pandemic market, it’s more important than ever for leaders to understand the difference between being authoritative and authoritarian. It’s hard to believe that in 2019, we were still reading stories about companies with toxic work cultures. They were still out there, but did they survive this disruption? Workforce engagement [...]

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The Future Of Leadership: The Agile Leader™

What is the future of leadership? We have spent the past year researching this topic and interviewing executives around the world. We learned that the future is already here and that your organization’s survival is based on a number of key factors—including its ability to be agile. The markets of today and tomorrow reward organizations that have the capacity and willingness to adapt. Market leaders have established cultures and management approaches that encourage creativity [...]

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The Leadership Flux Epidemic

Key 3 Questions Leadership Teams Need to Ask Themselves Leadership teams are in constant flux. Leaders are coming and going, and similar to their businesses, their direction and needs are in constant flux as well. It is more critical than ever that leaders and their teams need to pause and ask themselves 3 critical questions: Is your senior team aligned regarding your strategic roadmap? Are you confident in your leadership team and in their [...]

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