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Hiring top performers is a time-consuming process that can often feel like a game of chance.  Resumes are screened, interviews are scheduled, but unless you can truly understand what drives and motivates each candidate, and how they will approach their job and work with others, you are most likely gambling on whether the candidate you select is the right fit for the job and your organization.

How can you better understand if your candidates are a good position and cultural fit? How will you effectively on-board your new hires? By using the The Predictive Index®(PI®) behavioral assessment, you can now have the information that isn’t obtained by resumes and interviews.

Erinne Tripp, Director of Client Services with MCG Partners, will share insights on the cost of a bad hire and discuss how taking time to find the right job fit can significantly increase employee productivity, engagement, retention and more.

Erinne provides advisory and consulting services, delivers customized training programs and assists clients with talent management, onboarding, training and performance management needs. Erinne brings over 20 years of human resource expertise including professional development, coaching, talent acquisition, on-boarding, training, and performance management.

Erinne holds a BA from Hobart and William Smith Colleges where she majored in psychology and is a certified analyst in the The Predictive Index®.

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About MCG Partners

MCG Partners a woman-owned, Greater Boston-based consultancy specializing in executive coaching, leadership development, talent management, and organizational development solutions. We help businesses optimize success through the entire management life-cycle. MCG Partners is also a Predictive Index® (PI®) certified partner.

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