Can You Handle the Truth?

We all struggle with giving and receiving feedback. It can hit an emotional cord or remind us of an awful experience. Unfortunately we have all been on the receiving end of feedback that wasn’t delivered effectively. However, receiving feedback is one of the most transformational gifts we can receive, so why is it so difficult to give and receive? A key responsibility of any manager is to provide open, honest, direct and transparent feedback to [...]

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Clear Expectations – More Critical to On-boarding Success Than You Might Think

Written by Erinne Tripp You did it!  You hired the perfect candidate for the job. From here on out all should be smooth sailing, right? Unfortunately, the answer is most likely, no. Unless you provide your new employee with appropriate on-boarding, even the most perfect candidates can struggle and ultimately end up a number in your turnover statistics. And as we all know, turnover is expensive, disruptive and painful. […]

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Development Planning – The Blueprint to Your Success

Written by Heather Wood Development Planning is an important piece of the annual performance management process and when done correctly is designed to help you: Think through your job/career goals Focus on developing knowledge and skills for your current position and for future job opportunities Think about how to better utilize your strengths, talents, experience, and passion in your work To assist with planning, don't forget the following tips: Completing a development plan should be [...]

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Why You Probably Need Feedback on How You Give and Receive Feedback

It seems so obvious and simple. Ask for and receive feedback to show others you have a sincere interest in being a better person, professional and/or leader. Give feedback so that person understands how you feel and how they impact you and others. Yet as easy as this sounds, our single biggest struggle in developing and maintaining relationships and being effective as a person is effectively giving and receiving feedback. If it's so straightforward, why [...]

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Feedback = Forward Progress

Written by Kellie O'Shea Whether we like it or not, feedback is the key ingredient to our own destiny of self-development.  Some people cannot get enough of it, while others don’t want it at all.  For most of us, we understand the importance of outside perspective to gain a better view of ourselves and put a certain emphasis on self-development through feedback. Feedback is probably the single most important channel to our reaching our maximum [...]

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Focus or Refocus

Occasionally we need to stop and reboot. To determine if we need to FOCUS or RE-FOCUS how we spend our time and prioritize what we should be doing. 1. Focus on important things early in the day. When we're rested, those big and multiple tasks don't feel as overwhelming as if we wait until 4:00pm. Keep your calendar open early in the morning and dedicate your energy to that one primary thing. If you have [...]

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The Art of Failing

The art of failing can be as nimble as catching your balance on an unstable bike or as elegant as improvising a performance while blanking on stage. Failure is part of life but many of us are wired to approach and deal with failure and change differently. One’s ability to deal with risk and change are measurable behaviors. Some of us naturally are risk takers, shoot from the hip, and with no interest or attention to [...]

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