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Heather Wood is Vice President, leadership developer & facilitator, and executive coach with MCG Partners. With more than 20 years of experience in engaging all levels of leadership across multiple business sectors, Heather draws from her experience and insight training hundreds of managers globally. Heather coach’s executives in leadership strategy, communication style, team building, performance management, conflict resolution and career development. Heather is also an accomplished designer and facilitator of customized interactive management workshops.

The Three “C’s” for Managing a Hybrid Workforce

By Heather Wood Strong and purposeful communication is an important tool for managers and leaders alike.  The transition to a hybrid workforce has made thoughtful communication even more important.  When scheduling a team meeting or one-on-one think about the three C’s: Communication, Clarity, and Compassion.  Consider how much information you are sharing (frequency, volume, relevance to the audience), be sure to check in with your audience to make sure they understand what’s being said [...]

The Three “C’s” for Managing a Hybrid Workforce2022-03-29T12:18:55-04:00

The Agile Leader™ A Revolutionary Lens for the Leader of Today and Tomorrow

By: Heather Wood October 15, 2019 MCG Partners has spent the last 18+ months researching and asking the question, what does the future of leadership look like? What are the key elements, characteristics and skills of the future leader? What we concluded is the future of leadership is the Agile Leader.  The conversation we shared with attendees was passionate, lively and engaging.  At a recent gathering of business leaders, my colleague Cheryl Jacobs and [...]

The Agile Leader™ A Revolutionary Lens for the Leader of Today and Tomorrow2019-10-17T12:01:20-04:00

It’s the Most “Challenging” Time of the Year

By Heather Wood You know the song – rhymes with “Wonderful”!  Maybe it’s on a continuous loop in your brain already. If it wasn’t, and is now, I apologize! ‘Tis the season to be jolly!  I love all things related to this time of year: the decorations, the music, the lights, cheery gatherings of people; just the anticipation of the season is exciting. There is a certain energy in the air that is almost [...]

It’s the Most “Challenging” Time of the Year2020-03-27T12:14:35-04:00

Back to School Edition

Technically, it’s still summer.  However, when September rolls around it means only one thing – back to school!  And Fall.  But, that can be a blog for another day. As a child, I looked forward to going back to school.  A new outfit, clean white sneakers , sharp pencils and brand new notebooks – exciting!  I was ready for the pearls of wisdom my teachers would bestow upon me and my friends.  My children [...]

Back to School Edition2020-03-27T12:19:50-04:00

Prioritize Yourself

Just a quick blog post for you today because, well, I’m busy! I don’t know about you but, my schedule has been super jam-packed since the start of the year.  Which, is really a good thing.  Intellectually I know this.  But, I’m starting to feel a little crazed.  I find myself double-booked, forgetful of minor details, and, have the general feeling that a ball is about to be dropped.  By me!  It’s a very [...]

Prioritize Yourself2020-03-27T12:18:50-04:00

Assume Good Intentions

Easier said than done, right?! Sometimes when experiencing personal conflict, we jump to the top of our ladder and assume the other person is in the wrong. Or worse, they are trying to do us harm and damage our reputation. It can be challenging to press the internal pause button and assume the other person's intentions are good. Recently, I was coaching an executive through a difficult situation.  He and one of his teammates were [...]

Assume Good Intentions2020-03-27T12:32:19-04:00

Love at First Work-Sight

In honor of Valentine’s Day, let’s talk about love.  Not romantic love – that would be a different blog!  Rather, employment love.  Specifically, love for what you do – your role, your work, or your vocation.  You know, the job that you attend to either in person or virtually 40+ hours a week to earn a living.  How wonderful to create a living worthwhile by loving the way you earn a living!Personally, I love my [...]

Love at First Work-Sight2020-03-27T12:39:18-04:00

Beware The Time Change Or Not!

Daylight Savings Time ends on Sunday, November 6th.  Halloween will be over, the holidays imminent, and snow is around the corner. For many the time change signals the start of a long, dark winter. This year why not take the scare out of the time change and turn it into an opportunity.  In the spring we “spring forward” and clean out our closets, clear out the garage, wash the windows, etc.  This fall adopt [...]

Beware The Time Change Or Not!2020-03-27T12:34:22-04:00