Back to School Edition

Technically, it’s still summer.  However, when September rolls around it means only one thing – back to school!  And Fall.  But, that can be a blog for another day. As a child, I looked forward to going back to school.  A new outfit, clean white sneakers , sharp pencils and brand new notebooks – exciting!  I was ready for the pearls of wisdom my teachers would bestow upon me and my friends.  My children [...]

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Dealing with Disappointment

Parents with school age children understand it’s “spring sport” time. This is a process that happens throughout the year as the seasons change. Tryouts. Teams. Excitement. Disappointment. It can be difficult for a child not to make a team or not get the position they hoped for. It can be difficult for a loved one to help that child when they feel hurt. However, we should view this as an [...]

Be Your Best Self—Building your Personal Brand

In a competitive work space, it’s important that we as individuals develop and build our personal brand. Bringing our “best self” to work each day and showcasing our strengths, passions and accomplishments is a way that we can define ourselves and our success.  In our professional lives, it’s one thing to bring our skills and leverage our education but building our brand goes beyond this and should incorporate what really drives and motivates us each [...]

Catalytic Questioning- What it is and What it Taught Me. A Reflection from NEHRA’s 2017 Fall Conference

I had the pleasure of attending NEHRA’s 2017 Fall Conference this past week. Like many other attendees, it was difficult to arrange my schedule to participate and be away from the office for two days. My long To-Do list kept creeping up and telling me I couldn’t afford to be away! However, I reminded myself as I do with my clients, to take the time to do this for myself. At several points throughout the [...]