Can You Inspire Others? Yes! Can You Motivate Others? Not So Much.

I am often asked, “How can I motivate my team members to (fill in the blank).” The simple answer is, “You can’t.” Now, you may be saying to yourself, “Wait a minute, I have motivated people in the past and I have been motivated by someone else in the past. Why can’t I motivate people?” Well, there are two things at play here: inspiration and motivation.  Some of you may think this is a matter [...]

Can You Inspire Others? Yes! Can You Motivate Others? Not So Much.2020-03-27T12:24:49-04:00

Are You Not Right for Your Job or Is Your Job Not Right for You?

We spent months selecting the school for the right education to land our dream job. We probably weren’t sure what that dream job was, but we knew it was out there. While studying hard and gearing up for the “real world,” we found our self asking “where should I focus my education?” and, “what jobs should I target when I graduate?” Until finally, after careful consideration, we picked a major.  This decision may have been [...]

Are You Not Right for Your Job or Is Your Job Not Right for You?2020-03-27T12:37:35-04:00

Love at First Work-Sight

In honor of Valentine’s Day, let’s talk about love.  Not romantic love – that would be a different blog!  Rather, employment love.  Specifically, love for what you do – your role, your work, or your vocation.  You know, the job that you attend to either in person or virtually 40+ hours a week to earn a living.  How wonderful to create a living worthwhile by loving the way you earn a living!Personally, I love my [...]

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Onboarding: Accelerating Your Most Valuable Assets—Your People

It’s a new year and many companies are looking at open positions, talent management and succession planning. One area that we see clients struggle with is having a comprehensive onboarding approach.  Typically, companies invest heavily in their process upfront to attract and recruit talent but when it comes to having a dedicated and comprehensive effort to onboard these employees to their new roles there is often a lack of attention.What do most employees want?When we [...]

Onboarding: Accelerating Your Most Valuable Assets—Your People2020-03-27T12:40:57-04:00

Listening to Your Internal GPS

“Believe nothing no matter where you read it, or who said it, no matter if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and common sense.” ~Buddha I have an awful sense of direction.  Honestly, I need to rely on Waze to go anywhere that is not part of my regular commute or daily life.  I love that app because I know when listening to it (most times), that I will get [...]

Listening to Your Internal GPS2020-03-27T12:45:05-04:00

Reaching Your Gold

When I was a child in the heat of the summer of every 4th year, my grandmother would let us come in from the sweltering heat and watch the Olympics while sitting in front of a fan. We all dreamed of being gymnastics, divers, swimmers, track stars and more. It was a moment of pride to watch the athletes who had dedicated themselves compete for Olympic gold.  All the neighborhood kids [...]

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