Celebrate with Us!

We are beyond excited to CELEBRATE the promotions of Erinne Tripp and Stephanie Holmgren! It is the people on our team who make the difference at MCG Partners and they are two of our very best! We are thrilled to announce the promotion of Erinne Tripp to Vice President of Client Services! Erinne has done a fantastic job for the seven and a half years she has been with MCG. She is an MCG [...]

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Executive Presence Impact: Preparation, Polish, Performance

Executive Presence Impact: Preparation, Polish, Performance By Cheryl Jacobs Each of us knows “that” person who walks into the room and owns it. What is it that makes them stand out, to cause people to stop and want to be part of what they are sharing? We are familiar with the term executive presence, but it can be an elusive trait to define and achieve. Executive presence is multi-faceted and embodies how you are seen, [...]

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The Agile Leader™ A Revolutionary Lens for the Leader of Today and Tomorrow

By: Heather Wood October 15, 2019 MCG Partners has spent the last 18+ months researching and asking the question, what does the future of leadership look like? What are the key elements, characteristics and skills of the future leader? What we concluded is the future of leadership is the Agile Leader.  The conversation we shared with attendees was passionate, lively and engaging.  At a recent gathering of business leaders, my colleague Cheryl Jacobs and [...]

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Leadership Development and its Challenges in a time of Complexity

There have been many articles written recently about Leadership Development, and with good reason. Leadership development is the process by which companies first identify individuals within their organizations who have the potential for leadership, and then provide them with the resources and training they need to grow into those positions and have a positive long-term impact on the organization. Done well, Leadership Development can have a multitude of positive effects on an organization’s performance, [...]

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Is Your Leader an Adult?

Most of us have had the painful experience of working for a leader who seemed a little less ‘mature’. Perhaps the greatest rendition of this is Steve Carell’s character on The Office “Michael Scott.” Although he means well, his grandiosity and insecurities are a comical barrier to productivity and effectiveness for the employees of Dunder Mifflin. There may have been a time in the past when the maturity level of a leader was not [...]

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Integrity First, Leadership Second

By: John Griffith, Vice President, Consulting Services “The supreme quality for leadership is unquestionably integrity.” -Dwight D. Eisenhower I was jolted from sleep as the notes of Reveille thundered across the courtyard. In a blur of fatigue and adrenaline, I leapt from bed into a fitness uniform and ran out the door. At 4:45am, the sun wouldn’t rise for another hour, but the warmth still clung to the night air [...]

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