“Believe nothing no matter where you read it, or who said it, no matter if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and common sense.”

I have an awful sense of direction.  Honestly, I need to rely on Waze to go anywhere that is not part of my regular commute or daily life.  I love that app because I know when listening to it (most times), that I will get to where I need to go.  An external GPS that makes my life so much easier.

During this time of holiday cheer (and stress), I’m reminded how important it is to define and live by your internal GPS. I have the opportunity and pleasure to work with individuals across a variety of industries and organizations and in a wide range of positions.  The individuals that I see being most successful, engaged, and happy are those that have a professional life aligned with their personal values.  They know who they are, they know what’s important to them, and they are consistent in understanding how to use this internal compass to guide their decisions and actions.

Despite believing this, and helping my clients believe it too, I have found it far too easy to move forward on automatic pilot.  Comfortable can be fine, and feel good, for a while.  But personally, if I’m not reflecting on my experiences and how I see them fitting into the bigger picture of my life, that comfort turns into a rut. We can also move away from our internal GPS by listening to others and ignoring that inner voice.

Moving into the new year, I have vowed to be more consistent in my personal and professional reflection and I encourage you all to find, re-define, or maybe listen to, your internal GPS.

If you were to quiet your mind, what would you hear?

About the Author: Cheryl Jacobs, Senior Vice President

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