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Michèle is a Senior Vice President of MCG Partners with over two decades of international human-capital consulting experience including leadership and talent development, team-building facilitation, executive coaching, change management, executive onboarding, organizational optimization and design, executive search, and talent assessment. She has worked with a variety of global clients and organizations in the private and public sector as well as with academic and executive education institutions.

Knowing its Values Drives Effective Team Performance

By: Michèle Barnett Berg, Senior Vice President“Coming together is a beginning.  Keeping together is progress.  Working together is success.”Henry Ford, American Industrialist, founder of the Ford Motor Company“Great things in business are never done by one person; they’re done by a team of people.”Steve Jobs, founder of AppleWise words from two great business leaders who created and led companies that have greatly impacted and changed the way we work, live and play. While their leadership [...]

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Understanding and leveraging the three virtues of an ideal team player

Building a high performing and effective team with a strong culture is a challenge many companies face. When hiring, companies will often say that they look for a candidate that is a team player. However, many times they have not qualified what that really means and the definition may not be shared and endorsed by others or have competing factors like being in a rush to fill positions, creditability being given for having worked at [...]

Join the NEHRA Webinar Series on June 5th: Building an Effective Team that drives Innovation and Impact

Presented by Michèle Barnett Berg, MCG Partners Description Building effective teams takes focus, effort and discipline. Too often organizations leave things up to chance and are uneven in their approach. Many times organizations will say that they don’t have time to focus on team building activities or these activities are too “soft” when there are goals to achieve and deadlines to meet. However, taking a disciplined and structured approach to this process can There are [...]

Onboarding: Accelerating Your Most Valuable Assets—Your People

It’s a new year and many companies are looking at open positions, talent management and succession planning. One area that we see clients struggle with is having a comprehensive onboarding approach.  Typically, companies invest heavily in their process upfront to attract and recruit talent but when it comes to having a dedicated and comprehensive effort to onboard these employees to their new roles there is often a lack of attention.What do most employees want?When we [...]

Increasing Energy and Productivity Through Gratitude

Thanksgiving is quickly approaching, a holiday whose origin was based upon giving thanks, expressing gratitude and sharing with others. This is often the time of year that we are reminded to be thankful and express gratitude. However, I would recommend that expressing should not just be limited to the third Thursday of November but we embrace doing so 365 days a year for a couple of reasons: Improved Health, Well-Being & Productivity Expressing gratitude makes [...]

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