Riley McDonough

Riley McDonough

About Riley McDonough

Riley McDonough is an Executive Coach and Senior Advisor of MCG Partners, a woman-owned and certified consultancy, specializing in leadership development, executive coaching, talent management, and organizational effectiveness solutions. MCG has worked with over 175 organizations in the last 10 years. Riley’s experience includes over 30 years of driving revenue, product innovation, and organizational success with global media and digital content companies.

The Power of Reflection

By Riley McDonough, Executive Coach The great leadership development guru Warren Bennis once said that “leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality”. He went on further to say “it is the job of the leader to develop a vision, establish what matters and why, and set the direction and inspire”. It’s hard to argue with the logic and brilliance of that statement, which he made over 20 years ago, but just how do [...]

Inspirational Leadership in a Time of Uncertainty

As a coach who regularly works with senior level business executives, I’m often asked the question “from your perspective, what does it take to become an inspirational leader”? […]