NEHRA (Northeast Human Resource Association) recently launched a six-week development program designed with the experienced HR professional in mind. NEHRA’s Beyond the Basics program assists attendees in the transition from technical/content expert to HR leader/Business Partner.

Cheryl Jacobs from MCG Partners delivered a tailored program on Effective Communication, specifically designed for NEHRA, on April 4th.  This program helped attendees recognize their own communication style, understand the styles and preferences
of others, and built targeted steps on how to interact more effectively with key stakeholders.

“With MCG Partner’s vast experience in assisting organizations with a variety of management and leadership development solutions, we asked Cheryl to provide attendees an increased self-awareness around their communication style and apply that knowledge to how they can communicate and influence more effectively with diverse audiences,” stated Tracy Burns, Executive Director of NEHRA. “Utilizing the Predictive Index® (PI®), which I’ve used in my HR career, we were able to effectively highlight the opportunities and challenges facing each individual as they embark on the transition from functional expert to an effective business partner”, Tracy stated.