Executive Coaching: An Individually Tailored Leadership Development Program

Start-ups, non-profits, small & mid-sized companies and the Fortune 500 continue to use executive coaching to develop their leaders. The challenges – when to use coaching?  how to determine expectations and measure impact? What criteria should be used in selecting a coach? who to provide coaching to? Hopefully the following can shed some light on what I have seen in the last 30 years and what we have experienced in the last few: […]

Executive Coaching: An Individually Tailored Leadership Development Program2018-05-16T20:10:50-04:00

Coaching Case Study

Client: Fortune 500 Technology Firm. The Need: President of largest business unit accounting for over half of firm’s sales and profit. Incredible external presence in market and with clients; track-record of substantial results, execution and growth; great subject-matter expertise. A very intimidating, assertive, demanding, competitive and hands-on style that impacted the ability to attract and retain current and future leaders, including the need to add talent to assist in the innovation of new products, technologies [...]

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