Whether an individual is a new manager or managing a new group of people, there are certain skills that help him/her make a successful transition.  Many of those skills, such as managing conflict and effective communication, are common among companies.  However, each company will have other unique needs based on their culture, business, and overall performance expectations.

Working with a client, a leader in their industry, MCG Partners and Cheryl Jacobs developed and customized a training program for new managers centered on four key topics.

We developed a Problem Solving and Decision Making program that guided participants through a process to improve their critical thinking and to help them make faster and better decisions.

As business grows and performance demands increase, new managers were having challenges managing their time, including effective calendar management and when/how to delegate.   In the Time Management  module, Cheryl helped managers identify and manage their priorities, how to overcome procrastination and develop their own personal customized time management plan.

Like many businesses, meetings in this organization are used to brainstorm solutions, give updates, and solve problems.  Beginning with the end in mind, Cheryl presented an Effective Meetings framework to understand the meeting type and structure key elements in meeting planning and follow up to accomplish the meeting’s goal.

The entire program culminated with a presentation to the organization’s Senior Team.   With a multi step Presentation Skills session, MCG Partners provided the participants with a plan to help craft their message effectively and to practice his/her delivery and receive feedback and coaching on key areas.