Knowing that your people are your most valuable asset is what brought your organization to The Predictive Index. PI provides a measurable tool and solution to improve the working lives of your team through talent optimization — the practice of aligning people strategy with business strategy to achieve results. Together, we are working towards providing a dynamic work environment where everyone can be their best. How can you continue to use PI for Talent Optimization.

 Where should you start? 

Share the value of PI with your executive team, HR team, managers, employees, anyone and everyone.  The more people in your organization that understand and utilize PI and its benefits will help you achieve impactful results. Assessing individuals within your organization allows your employees to have more self-awareness and awareness of peers, leading to more productive working relationship and provides mentoring and coaching opportunities.  Here are some ideas to help you spread PI awareness:

 Unlock the Power of your People

  • Invite your employees to take the PI Behavioral Assessment. Follow here to learn how.
  • Help your employees on a path towards personal development; share the Personal Development Chart with your individual contributors and the Manager Development chart with your managers.
  • Introduce your managers to tools that can be incorporated into 1:1 meetings or performance reviews, including:
    • Management Strategy Guide ​– A tool to help managers understand the needs of their employees so they can adjust their style to motivate and drive high performance.
    • Coaching Guide​ ​- A tool that helps managers align on job expectations and coach to high performance in the role. For the more experienced manager, this tool can also be used to help develop career paths and coach to a future or dream job.
  • Elevate the team’s understanding of each other and how you operate as a team by hosting a team building session using ​Team Work Styles.
  • Discover how two people work together using the ​Relationship Guide​. The results of this guide will provide people with relationship strengths, cautions, and tips based on reference profiles.
  • Encourage your managers to plan and host better meetings by using people-data.​ ​Take a peek before hosting any meeting​ ​and see who needs the details or wants you to get to or wants you to get to the point quickly.

Need more help introducing PI to your organization? Check out our ​90-second overview​ video.

About MCG Partners

MCG Partners is a leadership and talent optimization firm– aligning your business and people strategy for maximum results. MCG Partners a woman-owned consultancy and is also a Predictive Index® (PI®) certified partner. To learn more please contact John Griffith at and at