By Chuck Mollor, Executive Coach and Managing Partner, MCG Partners (  7.11.14

Self Acceptance and Self Development. In many ways they are the two sides of a coin. Connected, yet on opposite sides.  It can be difficult to look in the proverbial mirror and like what one sees. At some point we must accept who we are – our imperfections, sensitivities, insecurities, doubts, strengths, passions, looks, etc.  Self acceptance leads to calmness which leads to confidence of who we are, which allows us to choose if we wish to improve or develop ourselves.

Though we are who we are, we all have the ability to learn, grow, stretch, and challenge ourselves. It’s not about changing who we are, it’s about asking ourselves how can we be more effective, what new skills and approaches can we develop, what additional awareness of ourselves and others can provide greater insight.

Are we able to adapt to situations, can we demonstrate personal control and management, yet still be free to express ourselves, our interests and passions. Our we able to accept what we don’t know and know, and expand the lens of how and what we see.

An interesting paradigm and journey worth exploring.

All The Best.