New Professional Development Workshops Offer Personalized Management Training

BOSTON, July 23, 2014 – MCG Partners, a Greater Boston-based management-consulting group, announced today the establishment of its Leadership Institute© and with that the inaugural session of its Management Development Program – a leadership development program aimed at cultivating the success of new and existing managers within organizations of all sizes. Managers can now enroll in any number of six cumulative courses as part of the Management Development Program’s series of interactive training sessions starting Sept. 8. The MCG Partners Leadership Institute will also launch an Executive Leadership program in early 2015.

MCG Partners designed its Leadership Institute© Management Development Program to guide participants of all levels in understanding their own personal leadership style and how to adapt those predispositions to help others improve performance and achieve results. Sessions include a suite of self-assessment tools to capture insights into individual strengths and gaps, ensuring a highly tailored and personalized training experience.

“After years of research and evaluating best practices, and of hearing from our clients about the need for not only more skilled, effective and strategic managers but also true leaders in the workforce, we developed the MCG Partners Leadership Institute,” said Chuck Mollor, managing partner of MCG Partners. “There is a tremendous training gap for management skills necessary in today’s business climate, and we’ve seen companies pay in employee turnover, lost productivity and employee engagement.”

Empowering new and existing managers with the proper skills and training are essential tools to keeping both managers and employees engaged and working productively – increasing business results and reducing turnover.

According to a study published by the Center for American Progress, the average cost to replace a worker ranges between 10 percent and 30 percent of the worker’s annual salary. Furthermore, studies show that productivity is a significant consideration in analyzing the cost of ineffective management. Poorly managed teams are generally half as productive and almost half as profitable as their well-managed counterparts.

MCG Partners Leadership Institute© Management Development Program

Each course within the Management Development Program addresses a specific leadership skill and competency necessary to transition to a manager function. Core competencies include employee engagement, teamwork, communication, performance management, influencing effectiveness, self-awareness and ongoing development.

The Management Development Program includes six foundational courses focusing on the soft skills necessary for an employee to transition from an individual contributor, focused on technical or professional skills, to a supervisor, manager or director with direct report or project responsibility. Course topics include Leading vs. Managing; Influencing and Persuading; Driving Performance and Employee Engagement; Building and Aligning Teams; Developing Yourself as a Leader; and Essentials for Fair and Respectful Employee Management.

The MCG Partners Leadership Institute’s Management Development Program is held three times annually. Courses are held over a twelve-week period, every other week on Tuesdays, at Four Points By Sheraton, Norwood Hotel & Conference Center located at 1125 Providence Highway, Norwood, MA, USA. To learn more and to register, visit