Written by Chuck Mollor
In our ever increasing microscopic world of social media, everything is accessible and reviewable on a real-time basis. There is an increasing need for instant gratification, success, fame and fortune. People are moving faster than ever and are looking for immediate results.  No pressure. Really.

Our ability to learn quickly and constantly, to multi-task, balance and prioritize is as important as ever, and it really doesn’t leave room for much trial and error.  In this every changing fast lane, I ask you, please go and fail.  Make a mistake, make many mistakes. Fall down.

Failing is not fun.  It’s pretty miserable.  If you want to learn about how you deal with and respond to failure, how you pick yourself off the ground, how people will or will not support you, and how you deal with the pressure and stress related to the “un-success”, fail.  Experience what happens when your back is up against the proverbial wall. What did you learn? How are you course-correcting?  How can you help yourself and others?

As you look back at those experiences, have you learned and grown from these experiences? What did you learn about yourself and others? Have you learned to be resilient, to not quit, to try again, to try something different?  Have you learned to be humble, that future success is not predicated on previous success?  We have learned to say, “I don’t know” and “I need help” are a signs of weakness. It’s just the opposite, they are signs of strength.

Failure is hard. It’s uncomfortable. It’s painful.  Don’t let failure stop you or shut you down!  Let it inspire you to keep on trying, to test yourself and to stretch your thinking and abilities. Be open to the unlimited possibilities, don’t let mistakes or failures keep you down or darken your thinking or decision making.  We like to emphasize the successes and accomplishments we have had in our lives, but it’s the failures that have really shaped who we are. Don’t celebrate failure, or get used to it, or like it. Turn it into a developmental experience. Get better. Fail to succeed!