Join the NEHRA Webinar Series on October 16th: Where’s the Loyalty? – Understanding Generational Differences

When: Tuesday, October 16, 2018 10:00 - 11:00 AM Join Josh Combest, Senior Consultant with MCG Partners as he discusses today’s challenges regarding generational differences for both employers and employees. We will review: • How to more effectively collaborate in a generationally diverse work environment • How to have effective multigenerational teams • What are cultural expectations • How to manage, develop, and engage multigenerational employees • Effective communications techniques Cost:  Members - FREE     Non-Members: $50 CEU Credits: This program has been [...]

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Millennial Stereotypes—Fact vs. Fiction

I’m a millennial, however, I don’t speak for all millennials. As we all know, each individual, regardless of the year they were born, is still an individual. There is not one pattern of traits that matches every single person born within a specific range of years. Reminding ourselves of this helps to remove the boxes we put people in and the labels we apply to each other. Millennials are lazy and disloyal – FICTION [...]