Strong client service is an integral part of our client relationships and something that can quickly lose its energy over time.  If you find yourself simply going through the motions when it comes to supporting your clients, it may be the right time to take a step back, reflect and ask, “ our client service approach working? Are we giving our clients exactly what they need and more? By asking questions like these you can open the door to discovering what your clients really want and need, empower creativity amongst your team and breathe some new life into the approach.

Continuously add value to your clients:

Creating value to your clients starts with understanding their perspective and needs.  This begins with empathizing with your clients and building a relationship built on trust, reliability and understanding.  Finding new ways to add value is important because it shows them that you truly care and understand their business needs.  Are you and your team taking the time to actively listen? Ask questions? Identify the issue and find solutions?

Have the resources to provide the best services to clients:

Evaluate your team. Do they share the same values that are needed to provide exceptional service? For example: honesty, accountability, product knowledge and a genuine concern for providing the best solutions for clients are important value.  By evaluating your team’s dedication to providing support to your clients, you gain fresh perspectives and identify any gaps. The last thing you want are your clients feeling that you aren’t available, that you’re too busy or that the resources to support and assist them aren’t available.  It’s best to re-evaluate your clients service approach regularly, especially if your company is growing.  If you donâ’t have enough resources to provide the exceptional service you strive to offer, you may want to understand your employee’s strengths and assign dedicated roles to play on those strengths.

Hire the right people for the job:

Do you have the right people in a client focused role? Using the Predictive Index® (PI®) behavioral assessment tool can help guide the process to align the right people for the right role.  Sure, their resume states they have the necessary skills, but what are the behaviors required for a successful performer in a client service role? Are the people hired for this position driven and motivated to make connections with people and want to develop effective relationships? Will they have opportunities to interact, problem solve and drive results for your clients? Are they focused on process, multi-tasking, and being thorough?  The PI tool can help hiring managers answer these questions and hire the right person to be successful.

In any organization, you always strive to deliver high quality and consistent client service. By taking the time to reflect and evaluate your current client service approach, you’re creating a work environment where client service is valued, cherished and respected.


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About the Author: Ryen McGinn, Client Project Manager, MCG Partners

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