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CUTV News Radio Spotlights Chuck Mollor of MCG Partners

Boston, MA The reality of today is change is constant. As a result, today’s organizations are extremely complex. The onus of navigating this complexity falls on its leaders.

Whether an organization is for-profit, not-for-profit, a start-up, family-owned, VC-funded or on the Fortune 500, its up to its leaders to create the right vision and culture to support what their organization is hoping to accomplish.

Chuck Mollor is the CEO and co-founder of MCG Partners, a leadership and talent optimization firm dedicated to aligning business and people strategy for maximum results.

“You’d be surprised how many organizations out there, including the best brands of the world, don’t always have their talent strategy in line with their business strategy,” says Mollor. “It’s not just a cultural challenge, it’s an alignment challenge: how we keep people on the same page of where we are going and how we will get there?”

The dilemma in leadership today, says Mollor, is whether leaders are spending enough time having conversations and empowering their people. The future of leadership looks very different than what we have seen over the last 30 years. We have multiple generations with different needs and perspectives. We have the constant and intense pace of change and innovation with a marketplace that is about instant gratification. We have a virtual and global workforce, digitization, and so many channels of information and communication. The leaders of today and tomorrow need to be different, they need to be agile.

“Leaders today are in constant motion. They’re in meetings with their people, clients, shareholders, board of directors, investors, Wall Street, trying to respond to the demands of clients, the marketplace and their teams and organizations,” says Mollor. “So many of us fall into the trap of believing we are spending our time effectively, and are driving innovation and growth, but are we?” Leaders need to create agile teams and organizations to shift and pivot when needed, to drive innovation and growth.

Through executive coaching, leadership development and talent management solutions, MCG enable leaders, teams, and organizations to function at their best by providing foundational tools to encourage greater self-awareness and to develop high performing leaders, teams and organizations.

“Executive Coaching is about developing self-awareness to manifest new behaviors, and to learn new skills and techniques,” says Mollor. “You’re not changing you, you’re still you, but you have a better understanding what happens to you under pressure and stress, what happens to you when you overuse your strengths in those situations. When you better understand what motivates and drives yourself and your people, you can adapt your style to be effective with others.”

Imagine having a relationship with your boss or the CEO of the company that you can speak to directly and candidly. That’s what people want when they go to work: they want to feel heard, that they’re contributing and not just riding the wave of their daily tasks. You want your teams to have the “want to” attitude.

“I’m most proud of the impact we’ve had on people,” says Mollor, “and I am personally humbled and appreciative that I’ve been able to find a profession where I’m giving back,  learning and making a difference.”

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