BOSTON, March 3, 2014 – MCG Partners, a Greater Boston-based management-consulting group, announced today that Heather Wood of North Reading, Mass., will join the firm’s expanding group of professionals as Vice President, leadership facilitator and executive coach. Heather brings 16 years of experience in leadership development, team building and executive coaching across multiple business sectors, including financial services, software development and bio-pharmaceutical.

In addition to having trained hundreds of managers globally, she brings her expertise designing and facilitating interactive management workshops and coaches executives in leadership strategy, communication style, team building, performance management and conflict resolution. Wood spent the previous five years serving as assistant vice president at Brown Brothers Harriman in Boston.

“Our business is built on the strength of the people who make up MCG Partners,” said Chuck Mollor, MCG Partners managing partner. “The addition of Heather Wood to our team will bring not only her remarkable background of professional experience but also, and perhaps most importantly to our vision as a company, a passion for performance combined with a good-humored approach and resolute attitude that drive everything we do.”

“Through my years of experience in coaching leaders and teams, I have a very solid idea of what a strong, motivated team looks like,” said Wood. “With MCG Partners, Chuck has truly built a dynamic group of individuals that empower clients to be their best, and I’m honored to join them.”

In Heather’s new role, she will continue to develop MCG Partner’s uniquely tailored programs in executive coaching, management training, succession planning, employee engagement, change management, the Predictive Index® (PI®), sales improvement solutions and the full suite of MCG Partner’s tools and expertise.

About MCG Partners: Passion. People. Performance.

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Kellie O’Shea

MCG Partners