Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)

DEI Strategic Advisory and Consulting Services

A successful, comprehensive, and integrated DEI strategy is one that can be articulated and implemented to transform a culture while identifying and systematically dissolving barriers to diversity, equity, and inclusion, and eliminating unconscious bias.

Our robust set of consultative services empowers your organization to create and implement an effective DEI strategy:

Developing a DEI Strategy and Roadmap

Our proven five-step process will establish organizational goals related to DEI and specify how to achieve them:

  1. Groundwork: Establish the meaning of DEI for your organization
  2. Increase visibility and raise awareness
  3. Create a DEI roadmap
  4. Incorporate DEI objectives across your organization
  5. Build an inclusive culture

Review Internal Policies and Procedures

We audit and enhance diversity recruitment strategies, job descriptions, strategic alliances, and all stages of the employee lifecycle to eliminate bias.

Listening Tour

We provide 3rd party services through which employees can give anonymous DEI feedback, and present you with actional findings.

DEI Council/Committee Launch

We help you create and facilitate the launch of an internal DEI council or steering committee.

Interim Chief Diversity Officer

We’ll provide you with an experienced interim CDO or onboard new and incoming CDO’s.

Employee Engagement Survey

We take a pulse to understand the current organizational climate and give everyone a voice in creating a DEI strategy. We can enhance your current survey to add DEI questions.

Open Discussions

We facilitate forums so employees can talk about sensitive issues safely and openly, in order to build trust and allyship.

DEI Workshops

Our variety of workshops are currently delivered virtually but can be in-person with accordance with guidelines. Virtual classrooms allow for continued learning and development regardless of place, time, or circumstance. Curriculum can also be licensed for internal use.

These workshops combine content, small group work, and peer discussion to empower practical application in real world situations.

Overcoming Unconscious Bias and Exclusion

Learn how to understand and identify unconscious bias, act inclusively, and use inclusion-building tools.

Managing Stereotypes and Prejudice in The Workplace

Use activities to bring awareness to stereotypes and prejudice, and how to deal with them at work.

DEI Awareness and Why It Matters

Understand key DEI terms and concepts, business case, and how to discuss divergent perspectives respectfully.

Creating a Culture of Belonging and Respect in the Workplace

Learn tactics to create a culture of belonging, dynamics of a respectful workplace and how to ensure company-wide respect.

Strategies for Building a Diverse Culture

Learn how to leverage the power of diversity and manage organizational change to effectively remove barriers to inclusion.

Courageous Conversations

Understand how to diffuse fears to establish a safe space for difficult discussions that builds an inclusive workplace, reduces anxiety, and increases employee well-being.

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