Feedback = Forward Progress

Written by Kellie O'Shea Whether we like it or not, feedback is the key ingredient to our own destiny of self-development.  Some people cannot get enough of it, while others don’t want it at all.  For most of us, we understand the importance of outside perspective to gain a better view of ourselves and put a certain emphasis on self-development through feedback. Feedback is probably the single most important channel to our reaching our maximum [...]

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The Two Sides of a Coin

By Chuck Mollor, Executive Coach and Managing Partner, MCG Partners (  7.11.14 Self Acceptance and Self Development. In many ways they are the two sides of a coin. Connected, yet on opposite sides.  It can be difficult to look in the proverbial mirror and like what one sees. At some point we must accept who we are - our imperfections, sensitivities, insecurities, doubts, strengths, passions, looks, etc.  Self acceptance leads to calmness which leads to [...]

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