How Often Have You Lied Today?

I realize that this statement and topic may strike a nerve, it certainly did with me. I was talking with a client the other day, and in recounting a recent conversation he had with his boss, it occurred to me that he wasn’t completely telling me the truth.  Now as an executive coach, this is not the first time I’ve been ‘lied to’.   I am frequently in the position of helping clients face various [...]

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Prioritize Yourself

Just a quick blog post for you today because, well, I’m busy! I don’t know about you but, my schedule has been super jam-packed since the start of the year.  Which, is really a good thing.  Intellectually I know this.  But, I’m starting to feel a little crazed.  I find myself double-booked, forgetful of minor details, and, have the general feeling that a ball is about to be dropped.  By me!  It’s a very [...]

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BOSTON, Feb. 1, 2016 - MCG Partners, a Greater Boston-based management-consulting group, today announced Michele Barnett Berg as the newest member to join its growing team. Michele will be responsible for providing executive coaching, leadership development and facilitation, along with career coaching, consulting, management, and transition services. Michele's professional experience spans over two decades and across three continents. She specializes in human capital consulting including leadership and talent development, management and development planning, executive on-boarding, team [...]

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The Two Sides of a Coin

By Chuck Mollor, Executive Coach and Managing Partner, MCG Partners (  7.11.14 Self Acceptance and Self Development. In many ways they are the two sides of a coin. Connected, yet on opposite sides.  It can be difficult to look in the proverbial mirror and like what one sees. At some point we must accept who we are - our imperfections, sensitivities, insecurities, doubts, strengths, passions, looks, etc.  Self acceptance leads to calmness which leads to [...]

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Objective or Purpose?

Obsessing on your objective or goal – may cause you to forget your mission or purpose. In the movie The Bridge on the River Kwai , the main character, Colonel Nicholson, is a prisoner of war in Burma who leads his men to build a bridge for his Japanese captors. Nicholson is an officer of high integrity, dedicated to excellence, a great leader of people – and thus well trained to complete any mission that [...]

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May 14, 2012, Boston, MA – MCG Partners, a premier provider of executive coaching, leadership development, talent management, and sales improvement solutions, continues to grow its highly experienced team of professionals. MCG Partners announced today that Bill House of Amesbury, MA, has joined the firm as Senior Vice President.  Mr. House is a seasoned sales executive with over 25 years of extensive sales and sales management experience with an impressive track record of developing and [...]

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Coaching Case Study

Client: Fortune 500 Technology Firm. The Need: President of largest business unit accounting for over half of firm’s sales and profit. Incredible external presence in market and with clients; track-record of substantial results, execution and growth; great subject-matter expertise. A very intimidating, assertive, demanding, competitive and hands-on style that impacted the ability to attract and retain current and future leaders, including the need to add talent to assist in the innovation of new products, technologies [...]

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