When Should You Lead and When Should You Manage?

Join MCG Partners for our Leading vs. Managing workshop on Tuesday, September 9, 2014 to find out. This interactive course helps participants understand their own personal leadership style, and how to adapt their style to help others improve performance and achieve results. Participants will receive a behavioral assessment for a deep understanding of behavior styles to help them achieve personal success in their leadership and management responsibilities. […]

When Should You Lead and When Should You Manage?2020-03-27T12:49:39-04:00

Managing Performance – The Conversation

Managing performance is a key component of every manager’s job. Successful managers collaborate with their employees to establish challenging goals at the beginning of the year and commit to consistently scheduled 1:1 meetings to review progress and provide direct feedback. Wait…what? […]

Managing Performance – The Conversation2020-03-27T12:59:00-04:00