Leading During Difficult Times

When organizations experience a challenge, a business transformation, market headwinds, a change in strategic direction, an economic downturn, or a major crisis, leaders need to lead. Though you often don’t see it coming and are not prepared, it's a time to come together when difficult or important decisions must be made. What can you do to be ready? How can you step up? Find the answers here: https://mcgpartners.com/leader-development-services/ About MCG Partners MCG Partners is [...]

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The Gift of Developed Leaders

This season, give your employees the gift of developed leaders. Give the gift of developing their potential to grow into key performers within your organization. Leadership development doesn’t happen by chance. This must be a deliberate focus by an organization. It takes time, it takes effort, and it takes an investment. However, the research and studies support the massive ROI on effective leadership development strategies implemented in all types of organizations. 1. Identify the key [...]

Today’s Global Leadership Challenges

Business is changing faster than ever before - at such a pace and on a global scale that many companies struggle on how to respond. A major concern for most organizations is their workforce and how they manage this pace and scale of change and the complexities that it brings. We are moving into a time where many organizations will have five generations working side-by-side. The needs, desires and motivations of these generations vary and [...]

MCG Partners is proud to sponsor the 2016 HCI Learning and Leadership Development Conference and the annual NEHRA Conference this September

MCG Partners is proud to be a sponsor of the upcoming HCI Learning and Leadership Development Conference, September 20th – 21st at the Boston Seaport World Trade Center, MA at booth #2 and the NEHRA conference, September 28th – 30th at the Sea Crest Beach Hotel on Cape Cod, MA at booth #54. We are dedicated to the development and success of the Human Resources profession and community, welcome the [...]


BOSTON, Feb. 1, 2016 - MCG Partners, a Greater Boston-based management-consulting group, today announced Michele Barnett Berg as the newest member to join its growing team. Michele will be responsible for providing executive coaching, leadership development and facilitation, along with career coaching, consulting, management, and transition services. Michele's professional experience spans over two decades and across three continents. She specializes in human capital consulting including leadership and talent development, management and development planning, executive on-boarding, team [...]

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Taking Control of Your Leadership Career by Answering Two Simple Questions

Written by Cheryl Jacobs There is no shortage of developmental opportunities and challenges a leader can face throughout their careers.   Difficult assignments, varying business conditions, employee performance issues, turning from a peer to a boss, are all examples of situations that can stall a leader’s career or present an opportunity to move in new and exciting directions.  Successful leaders ultimately manage the impact and direction of these situations more effectively than others. The US Census [...]

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When Should You Lead and When Should You Manage?

Join MCG Partners for our Leading vs. Managing workshop on Tuesday, September 9, 2014 to find out. This interactive course helps participants understand their own personal leadership style, and how to adapt their style to help others improve performance and achieve results. Participants will receive a behavioral assessment for a deep understanding of behavior styles to help them achieve personal success in their leadership and management responsibilities. […]

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MCG Partners Launches Leadership Institute©

New Professional Development Workshops Offer Personalized Management Training BOSTON, July 23, 2014 – MCG Partners, a Greater Boston-based management-consulting group, announced today the establishment of its Leadership Institute© and with that the inaugural session of its Management Development Program – a leadership development program aimed at cultivating the success of new and existing managers within organizations of all sizes. Managers can now enroll in any number of six cumulative courses as part of the Management [...]

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The Two Sides of a Coin

By Chuck Mollor, Executive Coach and Managing Partner, MCG Partners (www.mcgpartners.net)  7.11.14 Self Acceptance and Self Development. In many ways they are the two sides of a coin. Connected, yet on opposite sides.  It can be difficult to look in the proverbial mirror and like what one sees. At some point we must accept who we are - our imperfections, sensitivities, insecurities, doubts, strengths, passions, looks, etc.  Self acceptance leads to calmness which leads to [...]

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The War for Talent continues

A good leader inspires people to have confidence in the leader; a great leader inspires people to have confidence in themselves." - Eleanor Roosevelt Eleanor Roosevelt understood the importance of true leadership and its ability to create a strong, cohesive team. In an increasingly competitive market, do you understand what's needed to build your organizational team and retain talent? In the latest issue of HR.com's Talent Acquisition Excellence Essentials, Chuck Mollor – Executive Coach & Managing Partner of [...]

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