The Two Sides of a Coin

By Chuck Mollor, Executive Coach and Managing Partner, MCG Partners (  7.11.14 Self Acceptance and Self Development. In many ways they are the two sides of a coin. Connected, yet on opposite sides.  It can be difficult to look in the proverbial mirror and like what one sees. At some point we must accept who we are - our imperfections, sensitivities, insecurities, doubts, strengths, passions, looks, etc.  Self acceptance leads to calmness which leads to [...]

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What is the Cost of Not Training New Managers?

It’s a Lot More than You Think! Leadership development is a long term vital business practice to almost all successful companies.  People will often use the term “leadership development” and “management training” interchangeably, however, I would like to distinguish the two and put a spotlight on new manager training and why it is so critical for employers. I remember my first promotion in my career that required me to supervise others.  I was so excited [...]

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Objective or Purpose?

Obsessing on your objective or goal – may cause you to forget your mission or purpose. In the movie The Bridge on the River Kwai , the main character, Colonel Nicholson, is a prisoner of war in Burma who leads his men to build a bridge for his Japanese captors. Nicholson is an officer of high integrity, dedicated to excellence, a great leader of people – and thus well trained to complete any mission that [...]

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