As we are in the final stretch of 2016 it’s the perfect time of year to reflect at what we’ve enjoyed, accomplished, endured, and never got to; and of our decisions, mistakes and failures. It’s also a time to look ahead for what a new year can bring. But should we be looking at past, present and future goals only once a year?I believe the aversion to this is the time we allocate in reflecting and [...]


6 Goal Setting Tips for 2015

Written by Kellie O'Shea 'Tis the season of resolutions; the time of year for over-commitment to unrealistic change; the repeated pledge to fiscal and physical fitness; the foreshadowing frustration of auto-pay gym memberships.  Whether professional goals or personal resolutions, this process is one of the important ways we commit to continuous growth and self-improvement.  These personal promises can sometimes be difficult to chart and navigate.  Below are 6 helpful tips to help you set and [...]

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