What Would Happen If We Took Our Masks Off?

Recently, I read a LinkedIn post from an individual whose father had died.  The post, while personal, was designed to call attention to how her organization responded and supported her during an incredibly difficult time.  From her perspective, they went above and beyond her expectations.  She didn’t have to show up differently. She was given the space to experience this struggle authentically. A process which she says helped her personally cope and professionally prosper. As [...]

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Webinar-Learn from Leaders: Using Behavioral Assessment to Hire Top Performers

In case you were unable to attend the webinar, please click on the link below for a recording of Job Fit – What is it and Why is it Important? Watch Recorded Webinar Hiring top performers is a time-consuming process that can often feel like a game of chance.  Resumes are screened, interviews are scheduled, but unless you can truly understand what drives and motivates each candidate, and how they [...]

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Inspirational Leadership in a Time of Uncertainty

As a coach who regularly works with senior level business executives, I’m often asked the question “from your perspective, what does it take to become an inspirational leader”? […]

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The 5 Keys to Accelerating Your Employee Engagement

Everyone talks about employee engagement, but as an HR professional, a manager, or an employee you are probably more interested in what can we do to be more engaged. We know the research and have seen the financial metrics that shows the more engaged you and your workforce are the more productive, profitable, and innovative you will be. Other benefits include having more satisfied customers and improving the retention of top talent. So now that [...]

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The Power of Self-Awareness

On a daily basis we are all placed in countless situations that require us to behave a certain way. As we mature, we receive both positive and negative feedback that helps shape who we are, but how do we know if the behaviors we are naturally drawn to are helping us to achieve our goals or somehow getting in our way? The answer is simple, self-awareness. Self-awareness is a powerful gift that allows us [...]

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How Well Do We REALLY Know Each Other?

Written by Heather Wood A recent Gallup survey reports full time employees in the U.S. work an average of 47 hours per week.  This means we spend A LOT of time with the people we work with.  Sometimes it feels like we see our team members more than we see our families!  Together we meet, brainstorm, debate, strategize, eat lunch, fight fires, innovate, solve problems, address clients’ needs…you name it, we do it AND we’re good [...]

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What Drives Employee Engagement

Cheryl Jacobs Senior Vice President for MCG Partners article on employee engagement is published in the HR Strategy and Planning Excellence Essentials : June 2014 - See more at: http://www.hr.com/en/topleaders/interactive_content/hr-strategy-and-planning-excellence-essentials-jun_hwxjanin.html

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The Link of Leadership, Employee Engagement and a Company’s Culture

The link of leadership, employee engagement and a company’s culture has never been greater. They need to be highly integrated and measurable, tied together by an organizations purpose, values and mission. Why is this so critical? Businesses appear to be at a critical tipping point in their ability to maintain employee engagement over time. In a recent workforce study, less than half of the respondents agree that senior leaders have an interest in their well-being, [...]

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What Drives Employee Engagement

Cheryl Jacobs-Senior Vice President 508.279.0400 cheryl.jacobs@mcgpartners.net Employee Engagement is a popular buzzword amongst savvy leaders today – and for good reason. A growing body of research suggests that high engagement levels are key drivers of financial results. A recent study by Towers Watson strengthens the link between engagement and financial performance by specifically highlighting “sustainable engagement” (meaning companies’ consistently high engagement levels are able to withstand varying economic conditions, changing leaders and transitions in business [...]

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