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You have all these




... each with a ton

of candidates.


But how do you know
who's the best fit?

Here's where

we come in.

MCG Partners is a Predictive Index Certified Partner

We help you predict

good fits...

... in just


easy steps.

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Step 1

Determine the


of the


search for a job title

Sales Manager

sales manager needs chartsales manager job target chartjob target set

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Step 2

Get insight into
your candidates.

behavioral assessmentbehavioral assessmentbehavioral assessmentbehavioral assessmentbehavioral assessmentyour candidates with insightscandidate insights, check

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Step 3

See how your
candidates fit
the job.

candidate's behaviors and driverscompare to job targetcompare to job targetcandidate looks like a great fit!

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Step 4

Interview armed
with the right

interview guide with questionsinterview guide with questionsinterview guide with questionsinterview guide with questionsinterview guide with questionsinterview guide with questionsinterview guide with questionscandidate passed the intrerview

Avery was a
great hire!

Wave goodbye to mishires.

Imagine if your applicant tracking system sorted itself based on the highest predictors of job success. That’s PI.​

Job Assessment Report

Know the right fit for any role.

Pinpoint the ideal fit for any role and streamline your recruiting process.

  • Avoid the hassle of vetting bad fits or scouring LinkedIn. Get deep candidate Insights upfront with the PI Behavioral Assessment™ and PI Cognitive Assessment™.
  • Align your hiring managers and human resources on an ideal candidate profile for every role using proven science and the PI Job Assessment™.
  • Transform your job description into a behavioral and cognitive target–so you know exactly where to focus.

Zero in on your best candidates.

Find the best fit faster than ever with the number one pre-employment recruiting software on G2 Crowd.

  • Get a candidate list that sorts itself based on the highest predictors of job success.
  • Go beyond the resume and standard applicant tracking–with PI you’ll screen out unqualified applicants instantly through trusted science and data.
  • Remove bias from your hiring process by giving all candidates the same experience.
Candidate Guide
Interview Guide

Take control of your pipeline.

Save your time and reduce bias with one click.

  • Generate objective interview questions automatically for each candidate to pinpoint job fit and caution areas.
  • Evaluate every candidate with confidence and assess areas of potential misalignment.
  • Make the most of every interview–by helping your interview team understand where the candidate may have to adapt.

Truly fast, truly accurate assessments.

The PI Behavioral Assessment is an EFPA-certified instrument that takes about 6 minutes to complete. It measures a person’s motivating drives and needs. Thousands of businesses around the globe use it to hire and manage with clarity. Learn more here.

Behavioral Assessment

Scientifically proven to predict candidate success.

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new hires

Make the most of your talent acquisition efforts.

Surface great internal candidates for any role through behavioral and cognitive matching.


Help your new hires make an impact faster.

Empower your new hires to get off to the races with self-awareness and onboarding assets.


Know what you can trust in the interview process.

Understand the behavioral drives and needs for qualified candidates so you can drill into strengths and caution areas.

Number one pre-employment hiring tool on G2 Crowd.

G2 Leader Spring 2020

five gold star ratingSept 5, 2019

“PI has greatly enhanced the success of our recruiting program”

five gold star ratingNov 11, 2019

“Evaluate and recruit the best applicants”

five gold star ratingNov 3, 2017

“The Predictive Index: making Better Hires, Building Better Teams”

five gold star ratingNov 23, 2016

“Love it!”

Our interviewers have found the PI Interview Guide tool to be super helpful by providing specific question suggestions that probe into any misalignment between a candidate and the Target profile.

Jena G.
Manager, Human Resources