Driving Career Development

Driving Career Development in a Hybrid World.

Professional growth, impact on your organization and industry, personal growth, and well-being are factors influencing your employees career trajectory. Using those insights will help you prepare your employees for a career conversation with their manager or trusted advisor. This conversation is an important step in guiding your employee towards available career development opportunities and help strengthen tenure within the organization.

A conversation with their manager and other leaders and mentors within the organization is an important way to explore available career development opportunities. This will help gain the clarity needed to identify and communicate career goals beyond just their role and help combat retention issues.

Why it’s important:

Retention has never been more important than it is today. Retaining talent requires a new approach to people management; one that shifts the employee’s work experience and offers more than a paycheck. Simply put, people are drawn to positive experiences where they feel valued. For employees, this includes how they are treated and appreciated for the work they contribute. The more an employee feels connected to the organization’s culture, the more like you are to retain that employee.

Who it’s for:

  • Employees in a hybrid environment that want to advance their career
  • HR/People leaders responsible for managing others through career advancement
  • Anyone who is worried about retention


  • Understand the key elements to help drive career development within a hybrid environment.
  • Learn some habits and practices to help boost visibility.
  • Learn actionable strategies to build a strategic network within the organization.

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