Strengthening Culture in a Hybrid World. 

A living, breathing, high performance culture is intimately related to business performance and results.  When culture grows out of what you value – translated into behaviors and supported by systems that foster and reward these behaviors – it can give you a strategic competitive advantage.

The hybrid nature of work has shifted how connected employees feel to the culture of their organizations and challenged organizations to take a hard look at how well their cultures are defined and supported.  In this program, you will learn how to assess the drivers of organizational culture, assess the opportunities to strengthen the cultural foundation of your organization, and tighten your employee’s connection to and performance for your company.

Why it’s important

  • Over the past two years our world has changed dramatically. The disruptions brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic have changed the way we work. The hybrid nature of work is a threat to culture, which has traditionally been built and sustained by organic interactions in the office. Now, companies can’t take for granted that employees will understand or feel connected to the culture of the organization – they need to be deliberate about how they build and reinforce culture.
  • More senior leaders are connected to the vision of the company than others in the organization. This disconnect has accelerated with the hybrid nature of work, prompting many organizations to prioritize getting employees ‘reconnected’
  • Because culture grows out of multiple systems within a company (values, leadership behaviors, selection and development, recognition and reward, performance management), there are many paths’ companies can take to strengthen their culture.

Who it’s for:

  • Business leaders looking to strengthen their team performance
  • HR/People leaders responsible for driving culture and engagement


  • Discover how hybrid and remote work impacts company culture
  • Learn how to integrate culture virtually
  • Learn the relationship between culture and performance
  • Understand the organizational drivers of culture
  • Identify areas of opportunity to shift your organization’s culture to improve performance and engagement

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